I was reminded everyday of the minute significance my existence holds. The raging mountain peaks and cliff sides constantly forced me to take a step back and put things into perspective.

I don't think the amount of experiences and the amount of emotion that flowed through me over these 23 days in Nepal will ever be conveyed in its truest form. As an artist it’s frustrating because in one hand I want to leave photos out for interpretation for the viewer while in the other, i want you to feel what i felt during these moments! The exhilaration, the excitement, the awe, the cold winds, the aching altitude, the sun beaming down as close as ever, dancing through the mountains endlessly.



This magical, beautiful place captured my heart the moment I arrived. Unique land formations, jetting peaks and rocks at every corner. Breathing fresh mountain air for 10 days spent in the Italian Dolomites touched my heart in the most gentle way. The landscapes left me speechless, the lakes, fields, and vast scenery left my soul smiling. 



The colours, the music, and the way of life in the Masaii Mara changed me forever. More importantly, the people did. The naive children and the ways they'd turn anything into fun, the songs and chants that were sung with passion, the work ethic that shone through in each of them. I was humbled by the charming elders who shared their wisdom about their community and the ways it is growing and changing. I was inspired by the strength in the women who would walk miles to gather supplies and support their families. My breath was taken away by the vast, foreign landscapes filled with things I never could've imagined. 

© 2018 by Caitlyn Mackie